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Why Use Thomas Guides?
Why Use Thomas Guides?
The pages in the Thomas Guide are part of our national Page and Grid layout and our digital mapping system. Each page number is unique within a geographic area, enabling you to have precise page information when looking up a city, community, or street address. We hope that you will use the Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid as a regular part of your business and that it will be helpful to you as you navigate throughout the area.

Unique Page Number For Each Geographic Area

To eliminate the confusion associated with map pages that overlap and repeat between different counties and books, the Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid assigns a unique page number to each geographical area. For example, page number 1254 refers to the exact same area no matter what book you're looking at.

Each book's map pages are numbered using this unique page number instead of by the traditional always-sequential page numbering. This means the first map page in any given Thomas Guide is likely not "Page 1," but is most likely something like "#560," as an example. Refer to the PageFinder map in each guide to see the range of pages covered in that particular guide.

The map Grids are 1/2 mile square, and go from Grid A1 through Grid J7. This gives you the ability to quickly locate cities, streets, addresses, and points of interest. These grids will always appear at the same location on each page.

Using the grids, you can also quickly and easily estimate distances.

To Find an Address

  1. Look up the street name in the Street Index. If there are multiple listings, choose the proper city and/or block address range.

    Index Page Sample

  2. The index entry will include a Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid where the street and address are located.

    Index Zoom

  3. Turn to the page number shown. Then locate the street by following the indicated Column Letter and Row Number until the two intersect. The street name is in this grid.

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